Role Model

Role Model -

//// ACT 1 is all about this message, this is what drive us to specially go in to the clothing industry. By spreading the the message through both people and media. Everyone have a at least one Role model, even though some might not admit to this. It is something we do unconsciously do, We think about people, it could be you parent, older sibling, celebrity, friend or even some guy on the street. 

The action we want to see from this directive is theres always at least someone that looks up to you or admires you. It is better to make sure that you stand up to be the role model they see you as. 



Our mission at MATTI - DSGN is to build an organisation where people can come together and work together. Most people focus on competing instead of working together, if you compete you’re trying to take on the world by yourself. Work together you can change the world.